Parliamentary integrity reveals the latest developments in the investigations into theft of the century


Baghdad Information.
Representative Alia Nassif, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, revealed on Sunday the latest information about the Iraqi judiciary’s follow-up on those accused of stealing the century, noting that the Iraqi judiciary asked the American judiciary to extradite two defendants who received two billion dollars from the deal.

According to Nassif, “the judiciary continues to follow up on the case of the deal of the century, as it recently decided to collect all real estate rents that were seized, amounting to 500 million dinars per month, until a decision is made to confiscate them to the state,” noting that “this decision was taken by the judiciary.” It is the first time in Iraqi history.

“The Iraqi judiciary is conducting negotiations with the American judiciary to extradite two main suspects who hold American citizenship with the aim of bringing them back to Baghdad and trying them in the case,” she continued, emphasizing that “the defendants acquired two billion dollars from the deal.”

It is worth noting that the accused, who were requested by the Iraqi judiciary and have US citizenship, have been issued two red arrest orders by Interpol.


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