Parliamentary integrity reveals the imminent opening of the most dangerous corruption files


The Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced on Saturday that the most hazardous corruption files relating to state real estate are about to be opened, while also revealing that the government parliamentary objective is to reestablish the offices of general inspectors.

In a statement to Al-Maalouma, the Committee’s Vice-Chairman, Alia Nassif, said, “The Parliamentary Integrity Committee has before it a huge amount of corruption files, but it is in the process of opening the most important and dangerous corruption files, which is the state real estate file, as it is a ready file.”

She went on to say, “The committee hosted the director of state real estate, where they discussed the report of the Office of Financial Supervision, which included a complete database of state real estate movement.”

According to Nassif, “There is a tendency to restore work to the offices of general inspectors, as they represent proactive oversight, and canceling them left a vacuum in which the Integrity Commission cannot cover all corruption files.”

It is worth noting that the state real estate file is regarded as one of the most important corruption files, as its opening was delayed for more than one electoral cycle despite numerous calls to do so, but political forces played a role in this.


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