Parliamentary Integrity: Iraq is in the process of recovering wanted persons and recovering money smuggled from the United States


The Parliamentary Integrity Committee presented the contents of the discussion between the Integrity Commission and the US Treasury delegation today, Monday, revealing that Iraq is in the process of retrieving smuggled monies and sought suspects with American citizenship.

“The government is moving towards recovering wanted fugitives and money smuggled abroad, and there is great seriousness in activating this file,” said Ali Turki, a member of the Integrity Committee, explaining that “previously, there were no agreements between Iraq and the rest of the countries regarding cooperation in recovering money.” “And the wanted ones.”

“The meeting with the head of the Integrity Commission, Judge Haider Hanoun, and the US Treasury delegation was focused on recovering the smuggled funds,” Turki continued.

He went on to say, “There is a list of names of individuals who hold American citizenship and large sums of money that will be a source of state resources.”

He said it was “the money, whether it was from the time of the previous regime or what was smuggled in corruption cases during the past years as well.”

It is worth noting that Judge Haider Hanoun, the chairman of the Federal Integrity Commission, met with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Jesse Baker to discuss the prospect of signing a memorandum of understanding between the Iraq Money Recovery Fund and the US Treasury.

It is worth mentioning that the Iraq Assets Recovery Fund, created by Law No. (9 of 2012) (amended), intends to reclaim Iraqi assets.


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