Parliamentary Finance reveals details of its hosting of the negotiating committee between Baghdad and Erbil


The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed details of its hosting of the federal government’s negotiating committee formed to negotiate with representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the implementation and follow-up of the budget law governing the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil on Monday.

“The differences are great between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region, and the issue was not resolved during today’s meeting, which was dedicated to clarifying some inquiries,” committee member Jamal Kujar said after the meeting, indicating that “the differences currently between the two governments are related to the file of oil and production, as well as resources.” Non-oil.”

“There was no agreement on the file of border crossing resources, whether official or the crossings in the region that are not recognized by the federal government and are referred to as unofficial,” Koger stated.

The Federal Negotiating Committee, which met today at the Finance Committee, is made up of six members: Kazim Muhammad Al-Jawad Al-Hassani, Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Muhammad Abdul Hadi Al-Hakim, Strategic Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister, Maher Johan, Technical Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning, and Najib Shukr Mahmoud, Chairman. Jamil Thajib Yousef, Director General of the Accounting Department in the Ministry of Finance and Director General of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision, and the Legal Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.


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