Parliamentary Finance gathers the finance ministers in Baghdad and Erbil at its table to discuss the “differences” of the two parties


The Parliamentary Finance Committee said today, Monday, that it would welcome the Finance Ministers of Baghdad and Erbil, as well as the directors of the Financial Supervision Departments, in order to collect information regarding the financial issue between Baghdad and Erbil.

In an interview with Shafaq News Agency, the head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, stated, “The committee hosted Finance Minister Taif Sami and the negotiating committee formed by the federal government regarding the Kurdistan Region.”

“The committee will host, during the next two days, both the Federal Minister of Finance and the Minister of Finance in the Kurdistan Region, as well as the Financial Supervision Department in the federal and Kurdistan Region governments, to boycott the information we obtained by hosting the government delegation,” he continued, indicating that “the hosting session will be joint in the presence of personalities who know all the details.”

“After completing the hosting,” Al-Atwani added, “the committee will write a detailed report and present this report to the House of Representatives at the next session.”

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed details of its hosting of the federal government’s negotiating committee formed to negotiate with representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the implementation and follow-up of the budget law governing the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil today, Monday.

The Ministry of Finance declared on September 5, 2023, that it had struck a credit arrangement with the Kurdistan Region to pay its employees’ salary.

The Kurdistan Regional Government said earlier today that the federal government has given 598 billion dinars to it to fund staff pay.

On September 8, 2023, the Official Spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government reacted to the Federal Government Spokesman’s remarks about the Kurdistan Region’s financial responsibilities and dues and exposed the realities.


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