Parliamentary Finance calls for the adoption of an electronic system to control the rise of the dollar


Today, Monday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee issued a request to the Central Bank, taxes, ports, national security, and other interested parties to implement a comprehensive electronic system for external and internal transactions in order to restrict the rise in the value of the dollar.

Mustafa Al-Karaawi, a member of Parliament’s Finance Committee, stated that “supplying the dollar from the US Federal Bank will relieve pressure and contribute to providing the currency for internal and external commercial transactions,” implying that the government will control the dollar file through the central bank as part of its dollar strategy.

Al-Karaawi emphasized the need of other government institutions, such as customs, taxes, and border crossings, carrying out their jobs properly in order to limit the issue of the dollar’s increase. He urged National Security to monitor trade exchange operations in order to strengthen control over the currency.

He emphasized that “the operations to control the dollar require complete coordination between the Central Bank and the relevant government agencies,” emphasizing the necessity of collaborative efforts to establish effective control through an electronic system that regulates the movement of the dollar.


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