Parliamentary Finance calls for an emergency session regarding the rise in the dollar exchange rate


The Parliamentary Finance Committee has called on the heads of the political blocs to convene an emergency session to discuss the rise in the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, while criticizing the Central Bank’s measures as minor and ineffective in addressing the issue.

Jamal Cougar, a member of the Finance Committee, said in a statement to the Official Gazette that there are many reasons for the dollar’s rise, including the failure to spend the budget in the required manner so that it is not exploited by the parties participating in the elections, noting the presence of a will on the part of the influential parties to thwart the “SWIFT” system.

Cougar emphasized the political concern about the repercussions of the Gaza war on the entire region, and how Iraq’s position on the events may lead to more severe repercussions in the future if it engages in the conflict, stressing that the solution lies in spending the budget, providing many facilities to investors, and simplifying government procedures to obtain the dollar, in addition to striking… Mafias and reducing their influence and control over the region.

He asked for an emergency meeting in the presence of political leaders and experts to discuss the risks of not implementing the “SWIFT” system and the consequences for the political, economic, security, and social dimensions.


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