Parliamentary Energy: Work is continuing towards passing the oil and gas law


Suhaila Al-Sultani, a member of the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee, confirmed on Thursday that work is continuing by the government and political parties to resolve the oil and gas law, overcome obstacles, and prioritize the public interest in order to move toward legislating the law within Parliament.

According to Al-Sultani, “There is ongoing work between the various political parties to resolve the oil and gas law file, finalize it, and hand it over to the House of Representatives in order to include it on the agenda of one of the sessions for the purpose of discussion, reading, and voting.”
“The Al-Sadiqoun bloc and other representatives have agreed on the importance of passing this law because it ensures the equitable distribution of resources,” she continued.

She went on to say that “even though political confusion occurred over this law, the law is one of the very important laws for the Iraqi people, and the public interest requires that it be passed within Parliament through consensus among the representatives.”


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