Parliamentary confirmation of the resistance’s continued bombing of American forces in Iraq


Ahmed Rahim, a representative of the Al-Fatah Alliance, confirmed on Thursday that the Islamic Resistance will continue to bomb American forces inside Iraq due to their illegal presence on Iraqi soil and the government’s assurances that the country does not require the presence of foreign combat forces.

Rahim went on to say, “The government has confirmed on more than one occasion that Iraq does not need any foreign forces or military bases, but America is seeking to impose the presence of its forces inside Iraq and is pressuring the government to keep its bases.”

“Iraq does not require any American military presence,” he concluded, “and Parliament has said so.” As a result, the United States’ continuing military presence will expose it to

According to an Al-Fatah Alliance spokesperson, “America is planning to impose its hegemony on Iraq and is also imposing the presence of its forces.”

He went on to say that “the lack of maturity in diplomatic discussions to remove these forces will push the resistance towards targeting the positions of American forces as a response to the continued American presence on Iraqi territory, especially since this presence is illegal.”


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