Parliamentarian: We need more time to pass the oil and gas law


Sharif Suleiman, MP for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, acknowledged on Thursday that Parliament would require a lot of time and talks to mature the oil and gas law so that it benefits all governorates and is compatible with the constitution.

According to Suleiman, “Resolving the oil and gas law is not limited only between the center and the region, but rather it concerns Iraq in general, as the region hopes to speed up the approval of this important law for everyone.”

He went on to say, “The oil and gas law must be enacted in accordance with the constitution and the entitlements of each governorate, without any violation of the applicable law and constitution, in order to guarantee the entitlement of each governorate with regard to natural resources.”

He went on to say that “the aforementioned law, due to its great importance, will witness many discussions and sufficient time within Parliament in order to mature the law in a way that serves everyone, before proceeding with its legislation, especially since the political document has confirmed the legislation of this law.”


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