Parliamentarian: Sudanese held a series of meetings to resolve the oil and gas law


On Wednesday, independent MP Bassem Al-Gharibawi confirmed that Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani held a series of meetings with various committees in order to overcome obstacles to the oil and gas law, pointing out that the law requires political consensus in order to resolve some of its paragraphs and pass it to Parliament for a vote.

Al-Gharibawi said in an interview with Al- “The oil and gas law, in order to pass it unanimously under the dome of Parliament, primarily requires consensus between the political parties on some of its disputed paragraphs.”

He went on to say, “The Prime Minister held a series of meetings in order to resolve the oil and gas law, overcome differences, and bring viewpoints closer together, especially between Baghdad and Erbil, in order to resolve the law and hand it over to Parliament to vote on.”

In his remarks, he said that “political consensus is the dominant position regarding the important laws that are intended to be passed in Parliament, as the agreement between the political blocs will decide the matter regarding any law that is intended to be voted on and put into effect.”


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