Parliament will ask the Central Governor about the dollar next week… Representative Hussein Arab


Hussein Arab, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Work Committee, stated that depositors’ money is now in jeopardy, pointing to a move to hold the Central Bank accountable regarding dollar transfers, and confirming that Parliament will direct a parliamentary question to the Central Bank Governor early next week.

What is occurring is a delay in the procedures for selling the dollar by prominent persons in the Central Bank, in favor of the black market, and one of the influential people interfered to erase my words regarding the dollar in the media.

The question is how you offer 75% of dollar sales to one non-Iraqi bank while Jordanian Capital Bank gets 61% and Cairo Amman Bank gets 9%.

Previously, the invoices were fraudulent, but now they are real, but at double the price, indicating a plot against the Iraqi economy and by Iraqi hands, and we must stand united against the theft of the Iraqi people’s money.

Depositors’ money at banks is now in jeopardy. The government prohibits the circulation of the dollar but permits the establishment of official accounts in the currency. Due to the lack of reinforcement from the central bank, several banks do not have cash in Iraqi dinar. We are approaching Iraq’s Lenovation, and we will introduce legislation in parliament to make the central bank responsible for dollar transfers.

We will ask the Governor of the Central Bank a representative question during the parliamentary sessions early next week, and in the event of collusion on the part of people or the administration of the House of Representatives, the opinion will remain the opinion of the street, and the political chambers have weakened the role of the House of Representatives in every way, so the political decision is the ruling one, and we will take our official measures within the H.

The Al-Basas alliance seeks state leadership because civil political identity concerns the dominant powers, and I favor the democratic method through the vote boxes over the road of demonstration.

Independent votes reached 2 million and 480 thousand in 2021, which is a big quantity, hence gathering these votes in “St.

There are foreign-funded parties, and we are a collection of merchants and businessmen in the Basic Alliance who support themselves. We don’t have millions to offer to the bloc’s candidates; instead, everyone funds themselves.


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