New details about the Iraqi-American agreement regarding the dollar and the inclusion of 10 banks by enhancing their balances


On Sunday, an Iraqi official source released additional information about overseas payments and increasing bank balances in dollars.

According to the Iraqi News Agency, the source said, “In light of the recent meetings of the Central Bank with the American side, the number of banks that can directly boost their dollar balance has become ten banks, five through Citibank and five other banks other than the first through Citibank.” Morgan Stanley.

According to the source, “the number of banks whose balances in Chinese yuan will be enhanced through the Singapore Development Bank will become 13 banks.”

The insider went on to say, “Two banks will have their Indian rupee accounts with the Singapore Development Bank increased, and other banks will be added during the next two weeks.”

A government source revealed yesterday, Saturday, that intensive meetings took place in Abu Dhabi over the past few days between a delegation from Iraq’s Central Bank and the American side responsible for foreign transfer operations to cover imports, indicating that the negotiations resulted in a number of decisions and mechanisms that contribute to facilitating special procedures. External transfers for imports made through the foreign currency sales window.


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