National Interest: Washington’s policy is based on creating disputes and crises between its opponents


According to a study published on Sunday by the American National Interest magazine, the US policy in the Middle East and other countries is centered on generating gaps between competitors and using them to retain hegemony in various parts of the world.
According to the report, “while Washington succeeded in the past in exploiting the Russian-Chinese rift through the policy of Kissinger and Richard Nixon, the United States has not been successful in recent times due to reasons including opposition from some of America’s current allies and politically powerful local political forces within the United States.” As well as enhancing America’s adversaries’ capacity to exploit gaps between Washington and its traditional allies.

“The United States was not using differences, but rather creating differences in order to weaken all parties and remain as the dominant force in the equation,” he continued, “but it was no longer able to do so now because most people around the world have matured and become truly aware of its aggressive goals in its endeavors to torture them in one way or another.”
“Moreover, the American goals have become clear to everyone in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and thus the US is no longer able to use its old deception methods as it was in the past,” he continued.

“If America’s opponents now have differences with each other but do not turn to the United States for support, it is because they continue to regard the United States as a greater threat, despite their differences with other anti-American regimes or movements, and thus they have no desire for any help from America,” the report stated.
According to the study, “the only hope left for America is to rely on the tyrannical regimes allied with it to implement decisions of cooperation with the Americans who have been damned so far relatively quickly after they finally decide that this will be in their interest.”


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