“May God decree a matter that has already been done.” Will Al-Halbousi be referred to the judiciary after his membership is terminated?


Today, Tuesday, Ali Al-Tamimi, a legal expert, outlined the framework of the Federal Supreme Court’s decision regarding the termination of Muhammad Al-Halbousi’s membership in the House of Representatives, and while he did not specify who will run Parliament after him, he did explain the extent to which Al-Halbousi can be held accountable.

Al-Tamimi stated in a Maalouma Agency “the decision of the Federal Supreme Court regarding the termination of Muhammad Al-Halbousi’s membership in the House of Representatives is now binding on all authorities, in accordance with Article 94 of the Constitution, and is not subject to appeal or discrimination,” reiterating that “May God decide.” Something that was efficient.”

He went on to say, “Al-Halbousi, after the Federal Court’s decision, became an ordinary citizen, and Parliament must open the door for nominations for the presidency of the House of Representatives, and choose its president from among the candidates, by voting by an absolute majority.”

According to the lawyer, “Al-Halbousi’s file will be referred, after the decision to terminate membership, to the investigative court to conduct an investigation and hold accountable according to the forgery materials.”

Who will lead Parliament after Al-Halbousi? According to Al-Tamimi, “The House of Representatives, after terminating Al-Halbousi’s membership, will be managed by First Representative Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, until a new speaker of the Council is elected.”

Following a case filed by lawmaker Laith al-Dulaimi, the Federal Supreme Court delivered a verdict today revoking the membership of Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, in Parliament.


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