Masrour Barzani: The timing of Al-Halbousi’s removal from his position was wrong, and I am not talking about the court’s decision


On Tuesday, Masrour Barzani, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, termed the timing of the expulsion of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi as “wrong,” while refusing to comment on the Federal Court’s verdict in this respect. He emphasized the importance of distancing the country from the current conflict between Israel and the Hamas organization.

This occurred during his hosting of a discussion session on the margins of the Middle East Peace and Security Forum’s events in Dohuk Governorate.

Iraq and the regional conflict

During the hosting, he stated that civilians in Gaza are suffering from the effects of wars, and that we condemn attacks on defenseless civilians, and that we always believe that peaceful solutions are the most effective in the Middle East region, and that we are very sad about these decades-long conflicts that occur due to a lack of acceptance of the other.

He noted that the area has many difficulties, but there is also ample time to overcome them, emphasizing that the continuous conflict between Israel and Hamas must cease.

Masrour Barzani emphasized that Iraq must be removed from this battle since the Iraqis already have enough issues, saying, “We can send humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and we did that, but unfortunately we did not.”

He stated that Iraq should be a peacemaker if possible, or send humanitarian supplies to these places, but I do not believe that slogans would help residents in Gaza.

Muhammad Al-Halbousi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, was fired.

“I think the timing was wrong, and I will not talk about the Federal Court’s decision in this regard,” the regional government’s leader stated, “because quite frankly, we have many problems and many crises in the Middle East region, and we do not want more conflicts.”

“This is what happened unfortunately,” he continued, “but there were ways to solve these problems, but they have begun now,” emphasizing that the Iraqi parliament must make the choice, and we have a constitution that must be above all, and decisions must be given in line with it.

Masrour Barzani emphasized that Iraq does not need further issues and such decisions, noting that “there are risks threatening diplomatic missions and foreign interests in Iraq.”


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