“Manipulating the dollar at an Iraqi airport.” A deputy identifies the bank and calls on the Sudanese to intervene


On Thursday, Ahmed Majeed, the representative of Najaf Governorate, urged that Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani intervene to halt the manipulation and misappropriation of the dollar at the Mosul Bank branch at Najaf airport.

According to Majeed, “the Integrity Commission revealed that the Mosul National Bank for Investment and Development, Al-Najaf Airport Branch, transferred the airport’s balance from dollars to dinars at the official rate and closed its current account, despite the creation of funds in dollars.”

“The Bank of Mosul is considered the arms of one of the economic parties,” he noted, “and caused a waste of public money amounting to one billion and 140 million dinars, conducting the transfer of revenues from dollars to dinars and disbursing funds at the official rate.”

Majeed acknowledged that a request was made to Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani to “open a high-level investigation into the embezzlement of funds and exempt the director of Najaf Airport, due to the airport administration’s collusion with the bank’s administration.”

And the Federal Integrity Commission previously announced that it was able to control all priorities for violations committed by the Mosul National Bank for Investment and Development – Najaf Airport Branch, which resulted in a waste of more than one billion dinars, while emphasizing that this was due to the airport administration’s failure to take action. Because the bank was legally liable for holding the bank accountable, the latter exploited and benefited from it.

It was not feasible to gain comment on this information from the bank or the Najaf airport.


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