Leading framework: 2024 will witness a comprehensive review of all agreements with Washington


Turki Al-Otbi, the coordination framework’s chief, affirmed on Monday that all agreements with Washington will be reviewed in 2024.

In an interview with Al-Maalomah, “Iraq concluded strategic agreements with Washington during the year 2011 that took 7 important dimensions, the most prominent of which are security, economic, and financial, leading to investments, but their results on the ground were disappointing, and even constituted a direct threat to the country’s security through targeting.” “Repeated attacks on official security forces, causing martyrs and wounded.”

He went on to say, “Six political forces, most notably the coordination framework, support the option of conducting a comprehensive review of all agreements with Washington in a way that ensures that national sovereignty is not violated and the removal of any combat forces,” pointing out that “Baghdad changed after 2011 and it became impossible to maintain the agreements without A change that meets Iraq’s national interest.”

He went on to say, “Washington was confused by grave mistakes, and what is happening now in Gaza indicates that it is playing aggressive roles against our Palestinian brothers by supporting a usurping entity that is waging a war of genocide against a people who have been struggling for 70 years to gain their freedom.”

In recent weeks, American planes targeted many Popular Mobilization Forces headquarters in Jurf al-Nasr and the outskirts of Kirkuk, killing and injuring many people.


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