Law: The Taqaddum Party will emerge empty-handed from the upcoming elections


Haider Al-Lami, the leader of the State of Law coalition, suggested on Monday that the Taqadum Party would come up empty-handed in the upcoming provincial council elections, emphasizing that the Sunni component needs to find a figure to represent the presidency of Parliament, far from its personal interests.

In an interview with the Maalouma Agency, Al-Lami stated that “Al-Halbousi’s replacement must be able to manage the presidency of Parliament in a way that serves all components of the people,” noting that “the latter worked to serve and build his name before all duties.”

He went on to say, “Choosing an alternative is not an easy matter in light of the difficulties that Iraq is going through, which require strong management for what is coming in the coming days,” and he added, “The Taqaddum Party will emerge empty-handed in the upcoming provincial council elections.”

He went on to say: “The data indicate that some of the Coordination Framework forces will obtain many seats in the western governorates during the upcoming elections,” and added that “the Sunni component is required to find a figure who represents the presidency of Parliament and does not represent its personal interests.”

In an interview with the “Al-Ma’louma” Agency, Ali Al-Fatlawi, the leader of the Fatah Alliance, stated, “The Taqaddam Party has entered a dangerous stage in light of waiting for the decision of the Federal Court regarding dealing with a Zionist company for electoral propaganda,” while emphasizing that Al-Halbousi’s conviction by the Federal Court will result in the imposition of severe penalties that may reach death or life imprisonment.


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