Laith Al-Dulaimi’s lawyer: The Federal Court terminated Al-Halbousi’s membership in the House of Representatives


Laith Al-Dulaimi, the fired MP’s lawyer, claimed on Tuesday that the Federal Court has decided to revoke the membership of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi.

In a video clip, the lawyer indicated that the Federal Court evaluated the case submitted by his client, Laith Al-Dulaimi, against Al-Halbousi.

He emphasized that the court’s verdict had numerous paragraphs that he termed as “important and significant.”

The Iraqi Parliament’s Speaker, Muhammad al-Halbousi, made a resolution terminating the membership of MP Laith al-Dulaimi based on his resignation.

Al-Dulaimi expressed his rejection of Council Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi’s decision to expel him from the Iraqi Council of Representatives, calling the action “illegal and arbitrary,” and calling for deterring and resisting “dictatorship.”

Representative Laith Al-Dulaimi was a member of the “Taqaddum” party led by Al-Halbousi, and was nominated from within the party’s ranks for the regions north of Baghdad in the most recent parliamentary elections in October 2021.

Al-Halbousi fired Al-Dulaimi from the Taqadum Party on April 22, 2022, citing his “failure to adhere to the contexts and directives of the Taqadum Party leadership and his violation of the governing controls in the internal system.”

Representative Laith Al-Dulaimi was re-elected to the Iraqi Parliament in June as a member of the Sovereignty Alliance, chaired by Khamis Al-Khanjar.


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