Jaafar: Barzani pushed his armed groups to burn the Iraqi flag in Kirkuk to stir up civil war


On Tuesday, Jassem Muhammad Jaafar, a former Turkmen MP, accused the chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, of urging parties linked with him to incite unrest within Kirkuk, implying that burning the Iraqi flag seeks to incite national discord and ignite civil war.

In a statement to Al-Maalouma, Jaafar stated, “Kirkuk governorate, between the years 2003 and 2017, was under the influence of Masoud Barzani and his party, as he repressed the Arab and Turkmen components, imprisoned them, and destroyed their homes.”

He went on to say that “after the liberation of Kirkuk from ISIS and the dominance of the Kurdistan Democratic Party over the capabilities of the province in 2017, Barzani tried by all means to return again to dominate the province, but he failed in all attempts,” and that “Barzani began moving towards a new project to create chaos within the province to achieve greater gains.” from the Federal Government.

Jaafar stated that “the groups affiliated with Masoud are the ones who burned the Iraqi flag and caused riots yesterday, Monday, in Kirkuk, calling” the framework and government forces not to meet any demands of Barzani, and to deal with him in accordance with judicial rulings related to the center’s relationship with the region, and to keep Kirkuk. of all nationalities under the leadership of a governor of the central government.

As part of the disturbances yesterday evening, Kurdish militants came out to burn the Iraqi flag in front of the inhabitants of Kirkuk region.


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