Its aim is to protect “ISIS”… revealing the secrets of an “advanced mechanism” used by America in Iraq


According to a security source in Anbar province, US troops surreptitiously deployed jamming devices on planes and communications above the criminal organization’s hiding locations in the western Anbar desert on Friday.

According to the source, “the American forces installed jamming devices on aircraft and communications on the road linking Haditha district, west of Anbar, to the Hatra area in Nineveh Governorate, out of fear of exposing the presence of groups of ISIS criminal gangs in those areas and bombing them by air forces.” The Army and the Air Force.

“The areas of presence of ISIS gangs have been secured by US aviation,” he continued, “and it is impossible to target these places due to the installation of aircraft jammers and communications devices used by security forces when they raid those strongholds, as well as to secure communications between the security sectors.”

The source (who did not want to be identified) added that “the security forces sensed the presence of jamming devices when they raided different areas in the western desert of Anbar,” and that “the US forces used this new tactic that relies on satellites, which is the first of its kind.”

According to him, “US warplanes and drones intensified aerial reconnaissance operations on the areas confined between the island of Haditha district, west of Anbar, all the way to the desert of the Hatra region in Nineveh Governorate.”

It is worth noting that, for unknown reasons, US troops have increased ground and air surveillance activities in the western Anbar desert, all the way to the Syrian depths during the present time.


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