It included ministers, representatives, and governors.. Integrity announces the issuance of 42 arrest and recruitment orders within a month


The Federal Integrity Commission stated on Friday the total number of arrest and recruiting orders issued and carried out against senior officials and individuals in high positions during the month of August last year.

According to the Commission’s Investigations Department, “the judicial authorities issued (42) arrest and summons orders against the backdrop of cases investigated by the Commission’s investigation directorates and offices in Baghdad and the governorates and referred them to the judiciary, explaining that among those orders issued against (38) senior officials with high ranks for the period from (1-31/8/2023), (5) arrest or summons orders were issued.”

According to the department, “the orders included (2) members of the current House of Representatives, a former minister, (3) former ministers, a current deputy minister, and (2) former governors.” The directives also named eight current general directors, fourteen previous general directors, four predecessors, and a former governorate council member.”


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