Iraqi Oil Minister: Fossil fuels will remain the main source of energy in the world


Hayyan Abdul-Ghani, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Oil Minister, defended the production of fossil fuels today, Tuesday, in reaction to recent demands and requests to limit and even eliminate it made by the “COP28” climate conference in Dubai, UAE.

This occurred during his presidency of the second ministerial session on energy, environment, and sustainable development as part of the 12th Arab Energy Conference.

In his opening remarks, Abdul Ghani stated that fossil fuels would continue to be the world’s primary source of energy, emphasizing the need of safeguarding oil as a strategic commodity for producing nations whose economy rely on oil energy supplies as a key resource.

He emphasized the significance of the conventional energy sector and energy changes in Arab nations, as well as their different approaches, such as the transition to renewable energy sources, boosting energy efficiency, and the Arab single market for electricity and green hydrogen.

Abdul Ghani went on to say that while Arab nations produce oil, thermal emissions originate from industrialized countries that consume it, and that they must improve the efficiency of their equipment in order to profit from this energy and eliminate harmful emissions.

He went on to state that we are all trying to promote and support renewable and clean energy sources and initiatives, and that our on-the-ground programs back this up.


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