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According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Newshound Guru Pimpy

I believe the Iraqi dinar will gradually improve in value over the next few years. It’s difficult to predict where the dinar will be since the US isn’t going to let those resources go and Iraq can’t seem to stay out of problems – or so we’re told…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Get Monthly Income

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According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –            Newshound Guru Militia Man 

This dude fascinates me. He’s congratulating Al-Sudani, but he’s also poking him in the eye, because, as you may recall, Al-Sudani stated and affirmed to his followers several times that the dinar is stronger than the dollar. Today is not the day for the dollar and this guy delivers a reality check. “The Sudanese confirm that the dinar is stronger than the dollar,” according to the article. The dollar, while the reality is now the inverse.”

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Intel Guru Frank26

Iraq will not come out at a 1,000 to 1 ratio…They’re going to come out of the gate swinging…to reintroduce their currency at a rate greater than one to one. Because Iraq now has a 20% inflation rate, and if they come out at 1,000 to 1 to begin the float in eliminating the 3-zeros, their country would have a 40% inflation rate…Coming out at 1 to 1 makes no sense. It would not accomplish what they are attempting…When it should have been issued at 1,000 to one, it would have worked instantly…at the time. They didn’t, however. They came to a halt…There is now only one rate…This is an exciting moment.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –           Newshound Guru Breitling 

I am the epitome of a puritan. I only believe in what I can demonstrate. I don’t believe in nothing. I believe in my talents, but if someone approaches me and says, ‘Good, old-fashioned faith?’ Nope…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick 

Iraqi Bank buddy #1 [Aki’s supervisor] advised Aki to stay put. Stay just where you are [his bank in a northern state’s south]. As much as Aki want to stay in the north since he has a house there… Clearly, something is going on, in my opinion.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram 

Because to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there is a global wheat scarcity…Due to the drought, wheat prices in the United States will increase next year… The Middle Eastern land measuring unit is the dunum. One acre is about equivalent to four dunums. Iraq will plant 1.5 million dunums of desert irrigated land and 4 million dunums of desert irrigated land utilizing subterranean water. This planning exercise, which will take place over the winter months of October and November, will ensure Iraq’s food security for the next year…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –              Newshound Guru Pimpy

Iraq continues to do all it can for the Iraqi people, strengthening the financial system and attempting to find methods to strengthen their economy, but these conflicts are generating significant delays and difficulties in Iraq, which we do not need at this time.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Intel Guru Frank26 

Sudani dispatched his people…to inform Iraqi civilians that your money, NOT your three-zero notes, but your new national currency, will be stronger than the USD. Yes, absolutely! That is the whole point…This is excellent because they are becoming more open…These people are breaking down the doors and approaching you…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Intel Guru Frank26 

Sudani dispatched a government spokesman…whom we know and trust…He appears on Iraqi Channel One and declares that Sudani want to inform you that the dinar would be stronger than the dollar…He claims that it is not now the case. FRANK: You’re not kidding! FIREFLY: They’re playing footage from Sudani’s previous video talks in which he believes the dinar will be a pillar of the Middle East and…will help and mend the global financial globe. This is extremely beneficial to monetary reform… Oh, absolutely, precisely what we’re searching for.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Newshound Guru Militia Man

The administration intended to build 1,600 projects…The budget for the current project will be delivered to the government in the coming days…” That’s the budget for 2023, 24 and 25 we’ve been discussing…they haven’t financed anything and haven’t demonstrated any money to be spent…but here he is stating, “The budget for ongoing projects will reach the governance in the coming days…” They’ve been paying for everything in dollars. The dollar will be devalued…by January.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat 

I KNOW FOR A FACT that the rate of one-sixth of a cent is “suppressed” and “artificially manipulated.” Without any financial reforms or other economic improvement, Iraq’s rate should be at least as high as it was previous to the 1991 invasion and 10-year boycott, if not higher…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Intel Guru Frank26 

Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of the two-week period asked by Sudani of Iraqi citizens…He suggested I should put everything on the table. I’m not going to keep anything back. I will respond to any of your inquiries. We simply have one question, dude: what is the current exchange rate? …Sudani then sends one of his officials, one who is well-known and trustworthy, on Channel One News to speak with Iraqi civilians.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –             Intel Guru MarkZ 

The news is full with repetition… We have posted several stories in recent days/weeks on advances in Iraq’s banking system…. Articles on how they’ve protected their borders…how they’re pulling more money into banks…(85% of the dinar in Iraq is outside the banking system) and they are attempting to make their banking system more appealing. I do not believe this will be successful unless the dinar’s value changes. Why deposit it in a bank when it isn’t worth much?


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