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According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                  Intel Guru Frank26

Alaq is on television. He claims that the reason is simple: the dollar exchange rate is high owing to the illegal market. Period. The conversation has come to an end. However, he claims that the illicit market will be eliminated and that there is no reality to Iraq creating new currency. That is just false. We have everything we need. We have reserves to back up the dinar, and the exchange rate will be steady until the illegal market is dealt with.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                  Newshound Guru Pimpy

My main concern right now is whether Al-Sudani will be able to keep Iraq out of the heart of whatever is going on over there…95% of the people on the planet simply want to live and do their own thing…As for Iraq and the dinar, as long as they keep out of problems and don’t get engaged, they should be good.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                 Get Monthly Income 

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According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                 Intel Guru MarkZ 

“Barzoni and the CBI Governor discuss economic cooperation” It was fantastic to see this piece published today. This is a feel-good story on how much progress has been made. I’m also hearing from a finance ministry contact in Iraq that things are going very well between Barzoni and the Iraqi government right now. That is wonderful.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                 Intel Guru RayRen98


According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                 Newshound Guru Kaperoni 

Yes, Iraq is a prosperous country. In truth, it is likely that the country ranks ninth in the globe in terms of natural resources and wealth. With that much cash in circulation, however, there will never be a major RV of the Iraqi dinar.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick

Regarding the monetary reform, everything is available to citizens. Everything is in its proper place. Everything is in order. They might be waiting for more Iraqi residents to create bank accounts…or they could be waiting for additional accounts to sign up since that’s how they’ll deliver the HCL.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                 Intel Guru MarkZ

According to rumors, currency merchants have been told to stop selling money after 11:59 p.m. CST. Do you know if this is correct? MarkZ: I was informed they’d cease selling just before the RV…Of course, they can tweak the phrasing and possibly slow down if they believe it is really near.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                Newshound Guru Militia Man

They’ve raised the interest rate to encourage people to save money. They are going to pay 7.5%… What is the primary objective here? I believe what they’re actually attempting to do is get enormous sums of money off the street…what they term “mattress money.” They’re still attempting to bring that money in…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                 Intel Guru Frank26

“Thwarting the smuggling of $400,000 out of the country of Baghdad Airport” Corruption and smuggling are at the heart of the problem. That is the most serious problem. That is how you will get what you desire…This was a large corruption cleaning in order for the new exchange rate to be secure and stable. It’s as easy as that. It’s hardly rocket science here. This isn’t difficult…There is just one thing going on right now. Sudani is cleansing the CBI floor of these awful people’s corruption…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –                 Intel Guru Bruce

Currency sellers were informed that they will no longer be allowed to sell currencies after 11:59 p.m. on Friday, October 20, Central Daylight Time. Tier4b (we, the Internet Group) would leave once the Currency Sellers were no longer able to sell. The best time to notify us would be Saturday morning, October 21.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –               Newshound Guru Pimpy 

“Iraq will levy Customs Duties/Taxes “Only in Iraqi Dinars” This is fantastic. There we have it – de-dollarization on the correct track.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –              Intel Guru MarkZ

We were informed that we would see unpleasant things before they occurred, and we are…I am convinced that we are far closer than appears…they might pull the trigger at any time.


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