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According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –      Intel Guru Frank26 

I believe that when the United Nations met with Sudani, a lot of things were achieved and a lot of things moved forward faster than we anticipated. And, I believe, as a result of that conference in New York, the United States of America is boxing in Iraq by asking that the corruption with the American currency be stopped…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Newshound Guru Pimpy 

We know nothing will happen in 2023, but there is a positive prognosis for the Iraqi dinar in 2024.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Intel Guru MarkZ

I believe the United States is impeding the process. MarkZ: I believe they were…I don’t believe they are now. I believe they are in terrible need of it right now…guess what the United States is in dire need of right now for stability? They require Iraq to RV.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Intel Guru Suzie 

“Iraq announces the imminent entry into force of the electrical interconnection with Jordan” How is all of this feasible in the absence of a rate? We must be rather near. I’m talking about incredibly near. Within a few days.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –      Newshound Guru Clare

“Putin announces the size of Russia’s investments in Iraq: $19 billion and 50 operating companies” According to a press release, “Russia is currently implementing a large project to rebuild and modernize a factory for the production of glass and ceramic products in the city of Ramadi in Anbar Governorate.”

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –      Intel Guru Frank26 

Iraq’s dollarization is complete. TV announces. FRANK: I warned you. Now, pay attention to Alaq and Sudani and follow their instructions.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –      Intel Guru MarkZ

I’ve swapped currencies all around the world without ever being taxed. MarkZ: And today should be no exception…I’m still hearing that we won’t be taxed on this transaction…BUT I’m prepared just in case…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Newshound Guru Militia Man

“The Iraqi Central Bank issues a warning to banks regarding dollar deposits.” A new central bank directive…Declaring that citizens have the right to redeem their bank savings, that the funds are guaranteed, and that it is their inherent right to do so through or by the year 2024. Regardless, record throngs gathered…What is remarkable is the manner in which the Central Bank revealed those [banks] that did not have the money on hand and were supposedly found to be gambling with depositors’ monies in dollars. That is unacceptable, and there will be repercussions. The Central Bank will now take action against banks that fail to meet their responsibilities to people.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Newshound Guru Samson

“Central bank settles dollar deposits: The era of “dollarization” is over in Iraq”

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Intel Guru Frank26

The dollar is out of control, and we are terrified because everything we see on television suggests that we are in trouble. FRANK: It’s the same old overstatement…please don’t drown on a drop of water…Both Alaq and Sudani are working on monetary reform to the best of their ability. I would confess that they are a little sluggish, and I wish they would hurry up. One of the prerequisites is that all foreign money be removed since you are now a sovereign country with a sovereign national currency that will shortly have a new international exchange rate…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Double Your Purchasing Power

All Dinar Investors who enjoy freebies are invited. Every year, banks get $457 million in card swipe fees. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY…Day after day, month after month, as though by clockwork. According to CNCB, this was a record $160.7 billion last year. Consider two Visa debit cards on a table, one red and one lime green. Each one is filled with $1,000. The red card may be used to purchase items worth $1,000. By doubling your purchasing power, the green card can get you $2,000 worth of goods.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Intel Guru MarkZ

How does the conflict effect the RV…Is it now postponed? MarkZ: It may be a minor speed bump, but it will not detract from the main event. The majority of my sources believe that this is still our week. I certainly hope so…


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