Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, News, Opinions, and Intel (09-23-2023)


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According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Newshound Guru Militia Man  

Iraq has been at the United Nations in New York since the 18th, working on projects such as The Path of Development, which will define the face of Iraq’s country in the next stage…It will be an oil-free era…their route to prosperity and expansion…Sudani’s visit to New York is an important step, and we’ll see if it’s THE one that will mark the beginning…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –        Newshound Guru Pimpy

Things are looking good, which is fantastic…Prosperity is unquestionably on its way to Iraq. I believe I know what everyone is thinking: When will the dinar change? I understand why people are eager, but things must be implemented. They must already be in place before you can see any changes.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Intel Guru MarkZ

It has not yet appeared in the Gazette…They have not yet done so…But…the buzz has been excessive…The talk in Iraq right now is for a rate change early this week…there has been a lot of reporting that it has already happened, but I can assure you (from contacts on the ground over there) that it has not yet…The hysteria is building for certain, but it has not yet subsided. Nobody knows the precise date…They deliberately obscure things. But things appear to be going well, and there is a “potential” for it to happen shortly…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –      Newshound Guru Jeff  

Fifth Third Bank is one of the banks that will exchange your money and offer you face value for it.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Intel Guru Angel1 

I don’t think we’ll get out of September, and I don’t think rates will move while Sudani is away…This week’s topic is the worldwide community. We concentrate on Iraq’s reach. And how far can Iraq go? In our financial institutions. That’s where we’re at.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –    Intel Guru Frank26

Keep a really tight check on your dinars. Allow them to leave your sight. No thanks if a bank tells you they’re going to send them to another bank to be examined and all that. I’m not going to lose sight of my dinars. What if they are stolen on their way to wherever you intend to deliver them? ‘Well, we’ll replace them if there’s an accident and they burn up.’ No, you will not…Be very cautious about who you place your confidence in.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –   Newshound Guru Militia Man 

Sudani quote from UN speech: “The time has come for Iraq to take its natural place in the international community…” Sudani claims that it is time for us to open up to the rest of the world…He stated it to the United Nations…to the whole world….How can you deny that Iraq is becoming global? It’s really incredible…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –  Intel Guru MarkZ

I heard that [Sudani] will return to Iraq late tonight or early tomorrow. That is according to my sources…We are still awaiting confirmation. Many individuals in Iraq feel that is when the rate will change. It seems realistic to me, and I’m hoping that’s the case.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –  Guru Nader From The Mid East 

“Hey, get your documents/papers ready” What documents are we talking about? Which papers? …You may exchange any currency in the globe with no further paperwork than your passport, driver’s license, or ID. Even if you had 50 million of them, you don’t need anything else.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –   Newshound Guru Pimpy 

The last consequence is restricted access to the global financial system. Due to US sanctions, Iraq has been barred from the global financial system, limiting its capacity to access international markets and making it impossible for foreign investors to participate in their country’s economy. This might all change if this authorisation is revealed [the US House of Representatives will conduct a session next week to rescind the permission for the invasion of Iraq]. The Iraqi dinar might experience a significant increase. I don’t want to make any promises or blow smoke up anyone’s buttocks, but it has the potential to have a significant positive influence on the Iraqi dinar.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –   Double Your Purchasing Power

“Here’s why Americans can’t afford to stop living paycheck to paycheck” Quote “As of June, 61% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck…with little to no extra money…Almost three-quarters of Americans, 72%, think they are not financially secure…According to a Bankrate poll, more than a quarter believe they will never be financially secure.” Banking is forever changing. In this 3-minute video, learn how to quadruple your purchasing power without altering anything you’re already doing.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –   Intel Guru RayRen98 

ATMs are now tested and operating… It’s going to be a terrific weekend.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –  Newshound Guru Samson

“The United States House of Representatives will meet next week to repeal the authorization for the invasion of Iraq.”

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –  Guest Guru jssmi765

I was going over all of my old Dinar-related paperwork when I came across one from 2012 that stated everything that had to happen for the RV to materialize. Surprisingly, everything on the list has only been finished in the last few weeks/days…I also discovered an old paper from 2011, which was a Q&A with someone at Treasury who was one of the RV’s initial planners. It was the catalyst for my conversion back in the day…This is actual life, people…It’s finally time.


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