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According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –    Intel Guru Frank26

The US Treasury threatened us with penalties against more institutions here if we did not address the abuse of the American money that the US Treasury is witnessing all throughout Iraq. I’m not sure what they’re talking about; we can’t seem to find the dollar anyplace. FRANK: Don’t be bothered by it. The US Treasury is just attempting to persuade Sudani and the board of directors to change their minds.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Newshound Guru Militia Man 

We’re in such a terrific place that I can’t stop myself from becoming excited about what we’ve witnessed in the previous 96 hours. Nothing but tremendous information from Al-Sudani, we have the US Treasury Assistant showing up…big companies…Stellar Energy…Total…Barzani is overjoyed because deals have been reached. We’re taking a break…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Intel Guru Bruce

A delegation from the United States, a small group that included Judy Shelton, Stephen Munchin, and a handful of US senators…went over to Iraq to – I’m going to say – affect the changes that…needed to be made…they’re already home…My guess is that they completed what they went over there to do…we’ve heard that everything was signed off on…everything was signed off by our treasury – and everything was quote, unquote, good to go…I believe their return indicates that Iraq is now ready to depart…Everything is set to go, according to our main sources…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Newshound Guru Pimpy 

This one starts everything. Everyone thinks it has to do with the currency rate. No, it does not…She’s merely heading over there to make sure the banking apps that need to be put there are correctly implemented…Nothing on this page mentions the currency rate. It doesn’t matter if the individual is from Treasury… She’s just checking to make sure…these banks are on the same page when it comes to changes.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Newshound Guru Kaperoni 

We expect that JP Morgan will be active in Iraq’s banking system over the next several months to help Iraq enhance their level of banking with the rest of the globe and give global banking preference.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –        Guru Nader From The Mid East

We said that the exchange rate will fluctuate. In New York, they made a choice. They both agree on everything. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. Now that the ball is in their possession, they must decide who will toss it and how they will throw it. We have no idea. We have no control over that. The situation is now in the hands of the United States.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –       Intel Guru Frank26 

These are incredible times…Why would the US Treasury and Iran be discussing international contracts and agreements with your Central Bank Governor and Prime Minister? What is causing this? Because everyone is preparing for the new exchange rate when it is released…this is incredible…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –      Newshound Guru Samson

Oil has reached a ten-month high. Brent exceeds $94″

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –      Intel Guru MarkZ 

We’re dangerously near…There are a lot of expectations for Sunday and Monday, as well as the talks on HCL agreements and with the US Treasury. Everything seemed to be falling into place. At this moment, all eyes are on the Sunday/Monday discussions in Iraq…on HCL, and they say they are tackling the dinar exchange rate…We’ll see what happens with those…

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Intel Guru Angel1 

She had a wonderful guest. Iran arrived… Mrs Rosenberg accepted and signed agreements. Those agreements have been carried out…Iran is no longer a hindrance. Brilliant… On Wednesday, I had four appointments with Rosenberg. Rosenberg also spoke with Sudanese and Indian government officials…Budgeting, budgeting, budgeting… Kurdistan area arrived on Thursday. Consultations with Sudani. Here’s the real kicker. Barzani is beaming. He is no longer anxious about salary payments because he believes parliament will make the required financial choices.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Intel Guru Angel1 

Monday Sudani delivers statements during a special gathering that is broadcast live across the country. He stated a lot of things. We’ll take it day by day…what has happened since Monday, where we are now, where we’re going, and how close we are to the finish line. US Secretary of State Elizabeth Rosenberg arrives in Baghdad on Tuesday. She is a world-renowned wizard. She is a genius…She was there for international business. Why is she there right now? Because everything in country has been completed except for two things: your new notes and your rate. They’ve guarded the border…They are now concentrating on international investment contracts and banking.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –      Intel Guru Frank26

Iraq’s Prime Minister addressed the Iraqi people for an hour and a half. You believe he said to them, “Oh, Iraq is a mess…”Oh, no, our currency will never have any worth…Monetary and economic reforms have failed…’I’m having a nightmare about our country.’? No…That speech reassured Iraqi residents that monetary and economic improvements are on the way.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat

I believe that the United States is gradually recognizing, as Iraq did years ago, that the Barrack Obama proposal for economic changes in Iraq will not succeed until the dinar is first liberalized. So…I phoned my CBI contact for an update on the situation in Iraq, which I was assured was really excellent news. This news is based on a new assignment just given to my contact on a newly formed team that is in charge of supervising the rollout of the newer lower denominations and the redenomination process…it tells me that the implementation of the project to delete the zeros is VERY CLOSE…It will go forward in the next days, not months, I was assured.

According to Iraqi Dinar Guru –     Newshound Guru Militia Man

The US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury arrived in Iraq, as did other US officials on business. So firms came, and other nations came…We’re discussing international trade. Iran, Iraq, France, the United States, and many more…The US Treasury Secretary has the authority to make certain things happen…and I believe the US is now facilitating Iraq’s entry into the international banking system. And they claim that the United States now supports the tripartite budget for 2023, 24 and 25…Allowing Iraq and Iran to trade without utilizing the US money is big. There are agreements with the UAE, France, Japan, China, and many more. This is enormous…These multilateral agreements and financial systems…We now have


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