Iraq opens the door to exporting agricultural crops abroad after achieving self-sufficiency


The Ministry of Agriculture declared today, Thursday, that after reaching self-sufficiency in numerous indigenous crops, the door would be opened for exporting them to neighboring nations.
Mithaq Abd al-Hussein al-Khafaji, the ministry’s technical undersecretary, stated in a statement to the official newspaper, and followed him / information / that “his ministry is working with all of its available capabilities to support and encourage farmers to export their surplus agricultural products.” As a result, they are protected and prices are kept from falling as a result of increased local supply, which ultimately contributes to establishing flexibility in the supply and demand process for it.

“As a result of local crop production quantities reaching the threshold of self-sufficiency and fully meeting the need for local demand,” he continued. The government has allowed extra amounts of certain crops to be exported. In addition, it is consistent with government strategy to improve the country’s economy. In addition to generating a stimulating financial return for the farmer and attempting to make it a source of funding for the country’s general budget.

Imad Kazem Alwan Al-Badiri, the head of the General Union of Agricultural Associations in Iraq, attributed the country’s achievement of self-sufficiency in these crops to farmers’ commitment to the agricultural calendar and plans for the sector’s development, which contributed to achieving self-sufficiency in the required crops while also allowing farmers to export surplus to neighboring countries.”

In the same context, he mentioned “modern methods that farmers used to grow crops and irrigate them using rationed irrigation techniques, particularly in desert areas, whether bordering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in Ramadi, the holy Karbala, the honorable Najaf, Samawah, or Kirkuk.” It is what took our goods to self-sufficiency and helped increase the quantity of marketable crops to the point where the country was able to export its excess. The necessity of the government continuing to help farmers, which contributes to continuous agricultural growth, is emphasized.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture already reported a record wheat marketing season, with historic quantities of over four million tons, marking the first time the country has attained self-sufficiency in this commodity.


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