Iraq is in the first quarter of the list of the most powerful and influential countries around the world


According to CEOWORLD magazine, which specializes in statistics, Iraq is placed 50th internationally and fourth in the Arab world among the most influential nations in the globe.

According to a report obtained by Shafaq News Agency, “the United States topped the list of the most influential countries in the world in 2023, with 95.29 points, out of 195 included in the table, as it leads the world in the fields of science, sports, technology, etc., and the country is distinguished by the strongest economy.” China was rated second in the world with 95.09 points, Russia was third with 94.26 points, India was fourth with 94.16 points, and France was fifth with 94.15 points.

According to the magazine, Germany came in sixth place with 93.63 points, followed by the United Kingdom in seventh place with 93.47 points, Japan in eighth place with 93.38 points, Saudi Arabia in ninth place with 93.12 points, and Italy in tenth place with 92.84 points.

According to the statistics magazine, Grenada was at the bottom of the world’s least influential countries, ranking 195th internationally with 45.74 points, followed by the Comoros Islands, which ranked 194th globally with 46.02 points.

In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia came in top, the UAE came in second and rated 33rd internationally with 88.36 points, Egypt came in third and ranked 41st with 86.4 points, and Iraq came in fourth and ranked 50th with 83.1 points.

Qatar came in fifth place, ranked 55th, with 82.37 points, followed by Algeria in sixth place, ranked 56th worldwide, with 82.28 points, Kuwait in seventh place, ranked 58th globally, with 82.05 points, Morocco in eighth place, ranked 61st globally, with 81.44 points, and Oman in ninth place, ranked 69th globally, with 78.6 points. Jordan is rated 91st in the world with 72.96 points.


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