Iraq achieved more than $9 billion in financial revenues from the sale of oil during the month of September


On Wednesday, the Ministry of Oil disclosed total oil exports and receipts for September, which topped $9 billion US dollars.

According to the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company’s (SOMO) final figures, crude oil exports totaled (103) million, (143) thousand, and (199) barrels, with earnings of (9) billion, (422) million, and (410) thousand dollars.

According to the statistics, the total quantity of crude oil exported from the oil fields in central and southern Iraq in September was (102) million (220) thousand and (441) barrels, while the quantities exported from Qayyarah were (473) thousand and (335) barrels, and exports to Jordan were (449) thousand and (423) barrels.

According to the figures, the average price of one barrel was $91,353.

According to the Ministry of Oil, the exported volumes were loaded from the ports of Basra, Khor Al-Zubair, single buoys, and the modern Kirkuk warehouse, by tanker trucks, and from the Qayyarah field by (37) foreign businesses of various nationalities.


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