Interior Ministry: Signing more than 17,000 pledges not to deal in dollars in buying and selling


The Ministry of Interior reported today, Sunday, that it has received over 17,900 written commitments from shop owners not to deal in dollars in buying and selling activities as part of initiatives to promote the Iraqi dinar and combat dollar dealing.

According to Hussein Al-Tamimi, Director of Operations at the Ministry’s Organized Crime Directorate, “the campaigns that began in May and continued until October also resulted in the arrest of a number of foreign currency speculators and smugglers.”

“The Ministry has taken written pledges obligating the owners of car showrooms, electrical stores, tourism, travel, and wholesale companies to refrain from dealing in dollars and instead deal in Iraqi dinars at the price set by the Central Bank,” he stated.

He also pointed out that “merchants importing basic and necessary materials from outside the country are allowed to deal in dollars only through the electronic platform.”


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