Integrity threatens the thieves of the century.. The ropes of justice wrap around the necks of those close to Al-Kadhimi


The series of corruption by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and his group of ministers and advisors continues by presenting episodes of theft that broke records in terms of money, the most notable of which were the theft of the century and the smuggling of currency and oil to Kurdistan, while Integrity confirms its response to these thefts and its intention to recover the wanted persons and hold them accountable, as well as recovering money from abroad.

Judge Haider Hanoun, the chairman of the Integrity Commission, has stated that all individuals engaged in the tax deposits problem would be prosecuted in court.

“The authority is following up on funds smuggled into Turkey worth $6 million,” Hanoun stated during a news briefing followed by Al-Maalouma.

“The Prime Minister is seriously seeking to combat corruption and recover money and wanted persons,” he continued, emphasizing that “all those involved in the tax deposits issue will be tried before the judiciary.”

“We will go to Egypt in order to return the corrupt people and the smuggled money,” he stated emphatically, “and all countries will move towards them in order to return the money.”

The airport heist adds to the century’s disgrace.

Khaled Al-Obaidi, representative of Nineveh Governorate, discloses fascinating revelations regarding the corruption of former Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, revealing that his adviser took 54 billion dinars from the Nineveh Airport contract.

In a televised interview that was followed by Al-Maalouma, Al-Obaidi stated, “The reconstruction advisor during Al-Kadhimi’s time received a bribe in exchange for signing a contract to reconstruct Nineveh Airport for the benefit of an unknown Turkish company.”

“The previous amount was 214 billion dinars, with 54 billion dinars added for the benefit of the advisor and senior Al-Kadhimi government,” he explained.

He stated that “building in Nineveh does not reach 20% and is restricted to pavement alone,” implying that the education and health sectors are among the poorest in the country, implying that “serving interests in Nineveh is really “awful.”

Despite its brief existence, Al-Kadhimi’s administration is regarded as the most corrupt, with a record amount of robberies reported, including the steal of the century and others.

Al-Kazemi’s government is become an instrument for stealing.

Haider Al-Lami, the leader of the State of Law coalition, branded Al-Kadhimi’s administration as a method to capture Iraq’s money during the previous time, while confirming that Al-Kadhimi and his crew were involved in numerous corruption cases.

In an interview with the Maalouma Agency, Al-Lami stated that “suspicions of corruption abound and are not limited to the food security law alone,” noting that “most political blocs objected to the previous parliament passing the emergency support law.”

“The emergency support law is one of the fraudulent ways to plunder Iraq’s wealth during the previous period,” he stated, adding that “there are many corruption files and suspicious deals that took place from the Al-Kadhimi government and those close to him.”

Concerning the Al-Kadhimi government’s violations, Al-Lami confirms that “the previous caretaker government was only a means to seize Iraq’s money during the previous period,” and that “the majority of the proposals that were put forward were to move towards borrowing from the central bank.”

The appropriate parliamentary committees previously indicated that investigations into the Food Security Law funding will be restarted in order to determine the payments of 25 trillion Iraqi dinars.

In an interview with the “Al-Ma’louma” news agency, Zahra Al-Bajari confirmed that “Parliament’s move towards reinvestigating the disbursements of the Food Security Law funds is a step in the right direction,” adding that there are many corruption files that have been passed in Al-Kadhimi’s government.


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