Integrity announces the recovery of $180 million from America and Kuwait


Haider Hanoun, the chairman of the Integrity Commission, announced the activation of (Where did you receive this?) and the issue of hundreds of arrest warrants today, Saturday.

During a press conference in Najaf Al-Ashraf attended by a “Al-Ma’louma” Agency correspondent, Hanoun stated that “the achievements achieved by integrity were represented by thousands of news reports and cases in which major arrest warrants were issued,” noting that “the arrest warrants that were issued amounted to 3,125 warrants.”

“Field teams moved and besieged the corrupt, and the principle of where did you get this took effect, and hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars were recovered, and defendants were recovered from the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, and Egypt,” he continued.

He went on to say: “We will achieve memorandums of understanding with China, Canada, Spain, and Saudi Arabia very soon, and we are facing the challenge of legislating the second law of the authority, which makes us stronger and will be a source of funding for the budget.”

He went on to say, “We have succeeded in cooperating with Interpol, and it is cooperating with us, but cooperation with countries remains the problem in extraditing wanted persons, as the matter requires agreements and protocols with those countries.”


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