Including oil and gas.. A parliamentarian reveals the main reason behind not approving important laws


Muhammad Al-Ziyadi, a spokesperson of the State of Law coalition, said today, Saturday, that a lack of consensus impeded the ratification of significant legislation of economic and political value in Iraq, such as oil and gas.

Al-Ziyadi said in a statement to Al “The House of Representatives, since the beginning of its current session, has not completed any important law except the draft budget, and this is what has put us in the face of many criticisms,” noting that “the government has not sent any law to Parliament since its appointment except the budget.” .

He said, “The lack of consensus between the political forces is behind the failure to pass important laws that have a direct relationship to the lives of citizens.”

Al-Ziyadi urged state administration forces to “hold new sessions in order to agree on a number of laws, including oil and gas, and instruct the government and parliament to put them to a vote.”

Mudar Al-Karawi, a member of the Legal Committee, stated to Al-Maalouma in a previous remark that more than 20 laws would be offered in the House of Representatives, the most significant of which is the oil and gas legislation, but resolving it requires political consensus from all parties.


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