In numbers and names…the “information” reveals the occupation’s losses after the resistance’s bombing of the Al-Harir base


Today, Monday, an informed source revealed the statistics of the losses of the American occupation’s Harir base in Erbil as a result of direct attacks on Iraqi resistance targets, while also confirming the death of two Zionist entity members and the occurrence of heavy losses to the usurping enemy.
According to the source, who declined to be identified, “the Iraqi resistance’s bombing of the Al-Harir base on the ninth of this month resulted in the death of two people and the serious injury of five others, in addition to severe damage to helicopters that rendered them inoperable.”

“The resistance is proceeding to use a new strategy of bombing American bases in Iraq and Syria through continuous bombing with drones that directly hit the targets,” he continued, noting that the dead are (Patrick Watten, real name Tomer Shoshana, and Jack Carwino, real name Yonas Arwa).
He went on to say that “the operation led to the burning of four armored cars and another GMC,” and that “all the dead and injured were Zionists working in American base silk.”
In solidarity of the Palestinian people, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance continues to undertake daily strikes on military positions in Iraq and Syria.


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