“Government exchange offices”… Government spokesman: We may be forced to sell the dollar directly if the discrepancy continues


To manage currency rates, government spokesperson Bassem Al-Awadi disclosed today, Wednesday, that the government has a propensity to sell the dollar directly if the disparity persists.

In a televised interview broadcast by NRT Arabia, Al-Awadi continued, “the government was able to maintain the price of basic foodstuffs, and despite this, it did not abandon its responsibility and is constantly monitoring the file of food prices linked to dollar exchange rates.”

According to Al-Awadi, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani stated during a news conference last Tuesday that the Iraqi government may be obliged to sell the dollar directly through official exchanges.

Al-Awadi stated that there are a number of steps in the works to establish commerce with China in the two nations’ native currencies in the near future, emphasizing that the Iraqi government has a slew of options for dealing with the dollar situation.


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