From Moscow.. Al-Sudani: We are proceeding with economic, administrative and service reforms in Iraq


On Wednesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani affirmed that his administration is continuing to execute economic, administrative, and service reforms, while also expressing the government’s commitment to helping Iraqi nationals worldwide.

This occurred at a discussion between the Prime Minister and a group of Iraqis living in Russia, which took place on the eve of his official visit to the capital, Moscow, at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which began yesterday, Tuesday.

According to a statement obtained by Shafaq News Agency, Al-Sudani listened to a detailed presentation on the Iraqi community’s situation, the progress of their affairs, their requests, and the most significant barriers and challenges they confront throughout their stay.

The Iraqi Prime Minister reiterated in his speech to community elites that the government is continuing to execute economic, administrative, and service changes that will reach the Iraqi street and meet the people’s hopes and expectations of the government.

He underscored the need to recognize “the contribution of Iraqi competencies, wherever they are, to building Iraq and achieving the desired progress, expressing the government’s welcome to embrace all those who wish to contribute to development and reform.”

Al-Sudani emphasized the need of the government assisting Iraqi nationals wherever and being eager to facilitate their affairs, offer them with all administrative services, and look after their affairs.


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