Finance launches the second issuance of reconstruction bonds worth one trillion dinars


The Ministry of Finance announced the beginning of the second sale of rehabilitation bonds worth more than one trillion dinars today, Tuesday.
“Given the strong demand for trading national bonds (construction bonds) and the complete subscription of the first issue amount, the Ministry, represented by the Public Debt Department and in collaboration with the Central Bank of Iraq, intends to make the second issue of reconstruction bonds available at a value of 1.5 (one trillion Iraqi dinars) and with the same mechanism as the first issue,” the Ministry stated in a statement received by the “Information” Agency.

She added, “This measure comes in implementation of the paragraphs of the government program related to enhancing the development and investment aspects represented by the reconstruction and construction movement that our dear country is witnessing, in addition to developing financial and monetary policies and providing opportunities for citizens to contribute to the overall economic activity through investment in bonds,” noting that “these bonds are issued with a guarantee.” The bond can be purchased through the Ministry of Finance by submitting an application to one of the official banks sanctioned and registered with the Central Bank.”

The Ministry of Finance urged “investors and citizens to take advantage of the offer and take the initiative to benefit from this investment opportunity,” adding that “the size of this issuance will be limited.”
said, “The second issuance of bonds worth one and a half trillion dinars is negotiable in the Iraq Stock Exchange, and is available in two denominations: – The first at a price of (500,000) five hundred thousand dinars, with an annual interest of 6% for two years. – The second at a price of 1,000,000 one million dinars.” For four years at an annual interest rate of 8%.
She emphasized that “purchasing and trading of the bonds offered are tax-free, as stated in the General Federal Budget.”


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