Finance announces an extension of the period of availability of reconstruction bonds to citizens and clarifies the mechanism for purchasing them


The Ministry of Finance said today, Thursday, that the period for making building bonds available to residents has been extended, while also clarifying the method for obtaining them.

According to a Ministry statement obtained by the “Information” Agency, “the Ministry of Finance, in its contribution to providing investment opportunities for citizens and achieving economic stability, announces the continued availability of Emaar bonds to citizens, until Thursday, November 9, 2023.”

“The details of the bonds offered are:” the announcement said.

-The initial issue of bonds worth one and a half trillion Iraqi dinars is available in two categories and is tradable on the Iraq Stock Exchange:

The first is for (500,000) five hundred thousand dinars with a 6% yearly interest rate for two years.

The second price is one million one million dinars with an annual interest rate of 8% for four years.

According to the General Federal Budget Law No. 13 of 2023, purchasing and trading of the bonds provided is tax-free.”

“The mechanism for applying to purchase the bond:” he said.

-Those interested in purchasing bonds should submit a direct application to one of the recognized institutions, together with their original identity credentials.

-The bank will issue a receipt to the buyer for the amount paid to purchase the bond.

The buyer holds the receipt until the bond is prepared, and then the buyer presents the receipt to the bank to get the bond when it has been prepared.


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