Deputy: The development road project attracts the interest of 45 countries


Representative Baqir Al-Saadi revealed on Friday that 45 nations have expressed interest in the development road project.

Al-Saadi said in an interview with Al- “The Development Road Project continues to enjoy increasing international interaction day after day, especially since all studies indicate its success from an economic standpoint, and it will develop in five important directions in the field of changing the path of international transport from Southeast Asia.” In the direction of Europe.

He went on to say that “45 countries are interested in the development road project, and some of them have officially announced their intention to invest directly through the implementation of projects in the first phase,” and that “investments in this project will result in the establishment of ten new cities on the route.”

He went on to say that “the project will represent the beginning of changing the face of the entire region in terms of economic activity and the development of land routes that annually transport goods worth hundreds of billions of dollars.”

The development road project was begun by the government few months ago as part of attempts to diversify Iraq’s economy and leverage on the country’s geographic placement on the worldwide transportation map.


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