Deputy: The atmosphere is suitable for approving the oil and gas law


Firas Al-Maslamawi, a member of Parliament, revealed today, Sunday, the establishment of a joint committee with the region about the adoption of the oil and gas legislation, as well as the estimated date for the bill’s approval.

Al-Maslamawi told the official news agency that “a committee was formed by the Minister of Oil, the Minister of Natural Resources in the region, the general manager of SOMO and the advanced cadre in the Ministry of Oil, as well as the oil-producing governorates such as Basra, Dhi Qar, Maysan, and Kirkuk,” adding that “the task of the committee is to draft a draft oil law.”

He stated that “there is a real will of the House of Representatives in order to legislate the law,” noting that “the current year’s budget included the addition of two articles to the law, which are the regulation of the region’s oil export in terms of export and the deposit of imports in a bank accredited by the Central Bank.”

“Iraq’s oil is one and indivisible,” he added, “and there is a movement towards achieving justice in the distribution of wealth for the people, whether in the Kurdistan region or the center and south.”

“The atmosphere is suitable for approving the law,” he continued, “and it is hoped that the draft will be completed and reached parliament in the current legislative term,” with “approval of the law expected in the next legislative term, after about 4 months.”


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