Deputy: Most of the problems of the region and the center are due to the lack of an oil and gas law


Sharif Suleiman, a spokesperson of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said today, Friday, that the majority of the difficulties between Baghdad and Erbil were caused by the lack of an oil and gas legislation, noting that there is a strong campaign to pass this law.
According to Suleiman, “The thing that gives rise to optimism is the awareness of all political parties of the importance of the oil and gas law, as it has become necessary to move towards proceeding with its legislation within Parliament.”
He went on to say, “The current stage requires accelerating the approval of the aforementioned law, especially since Iraq is in dire need of legalizing oil, gas, and natural resources, so that all governorates can obtain their rights.”

“Most of the disputes and problems between the center and the region occurred because of the existence of the oil and gas law,” he said, adding that “everyone is moving today to pass it in a formula that serves everyone and guarantees the rights of the oil-producing governorates.” If the oil and gas legislation is adopted, it is probable that an adjustment to the budget law will be made to make it comply with Budget provisions.


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