Deputy: 5 advantages of the development path other than the Biden corridor


Representative Aqeel Al-Fatlawi affirmed on Thursday that the Iraqi growth route had five benefits.

“The development path is not just a project,” Al-Fatlawi stated in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “but rather the scope of a path that will create a qualitative shift in the file of international paths for trade movement between the regions of Asia and Europe.”

“There are five advantages of the Iraqi development road,” he continued, “the most notable of which is its shortening of the distance between the Arabian Gulf and Europe, passing through Turkey, in addition to the low material costs in terms of unloading, loading, and transit, in addition to the flexibility of transporting goods to a wide network of European countries via railways.”

“Biden’s project to create paths from India through the Arabian Gulf and then to Europe is without economic benefit,” he said, adding that “all readings indicate that the Iraqi development path is the best and least expensive.”

He stated that “many countries are interested in the development project that will generate job opportunities, economic recovery, and the birth of new cities along its path.”

The Prime Minister initiated a development road initiative a month ago to move commodities from the vast port of Al-Faw to Turkey via a network of trains and roadways.


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