Deputy: 11 countries want to invest in the path of development…the number will reach 50 soon


On Monday, Representative Baqir Al-Saadi indicated that 11 nations are interested in investing in Iraqi economic projects.

In an interview with Al-Maalouma, Al-Saadi stated, “The development path is not a paper project, but rather a reality.” “The Sudanese government hopes to put the first phase in the axes of direct implementation within a few months,” noting that “the project is strategic for Iraq’s economic future.”

He stated that “11 countries have expressed their desire to invest in Iraqi development road projects, and the number may reach 50 if they are initiated,” highlighting that “the world is facing the birth of an exceptional transportation line that will connect the countries of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean to Europe via Iraq.”

He stated that “the benefits of the project can be summarized in 15 points, the most prominent of which are the financial returns and the volume of investments in building industrial cities and other logistical support, in addition to creating job opportunities and charting a new transportation route in Iraq that attracts various world goods.”

The Sudanese government declared the details of the development road months ago, which would give a land and rail route to convey commodities from Al-Faw’s vast port to Europe via Turkey.


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