Deputy: 10 countries expressed their desire to invest in the path of Iraqi development


On Monday, MP Baqir Al-Saadi acknowledged ten nations’ readiness to invest in Iraq’s growth route.

According to Al-Saadi, “Iraq’s strategic location as a link in an important geography on the global transport map allows it to have high flexibility in attracting large investments, especially with the presence of large development projects.”

He went on to say, “The development road, whose details were recently announced by Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, will be the most important development project for Iraq after 2023, as it will achieve great benefits in regional and international openness, and transfer part of the movement of goods towards the country’s ports on its way to Europe via Turkey, and the possibility of creating other branches.”

He stated that “ten countries have expressed their desire to invest in the path of Iraqi development,” and that “there is interest from other countries,” emphasizing that “the launch of the project means important messages, most notably security stability and Baghdad’s return to play a pivotal role in the Middle East region.”


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