Democratic Party: The current stage requires approving the oil and gas law


Sharif Suleiman, a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, highlighted the need of passing the oil and gas legislation in order to avoid difficulties between the center and the region on Tuesday, referring to the potential of altering the laws to meet the country’s demands.

According to Suleiman, “Iraq is in dire need of an oil and gas law, especially since the current stage is witnessing problems between the region and the center due to the lack of this law, which can spare the two sides any disputes between them.”

“Most of the laws, including the Federal Budget Law, have been amended,” he noted. If all parties achieve an agreement to adopt the Oil and Gas Law, the door will be opened to revising the Budget Law to reflect the new law’s text.”

He went on to say that “the laws are not considered a written book, as they are all subject to amendment according to formulas presented through the proposals of the relevant parliamentary committees or by the Prime Minister, in proportion to the requirements of the stage or the country’s need to amend any law enacted in Parliament.”


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