Democratic Party: Oil and gas law proposals are still under study


Sharif Suleiman, a spokesperson of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, acknowledged that the oil and gas legislation is still in the hands of the mini-governmental committee, which is reviewing all of the ideas provided by the provinces, political parties, and the Kurdistan Region.

According to Suleiman, “The oil and gas law is still with the government committee formed to consider this law, as the governorates presented their opinions and proposals about it and what should be included in the law, in addition to the Kurdistan region submitting a proposed law to the formed committee.”

He went on to say, “The State Administration Coalition presented 5 proposals for the oil and gas law, and the small committee formed is concerned with studying the proposals in order to find rapprochement and consensus between the parties that submitted proposals on the law, despite the lack of consensus on a specific proposal at the present time.”

He went on to say that “the current legislative term of Parliament will not witness a resolution of the oil and gas law, but rather the matter will be postponed until the next legislative term, as the law is very important for Iraq in all its provinces and regions and grants each province its entitlements from oil and gas.”


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