Decisive negotiations within 48 hours to determine the date of voting on Al-Halbousi’s replacement


Turki Al-Utbi, the coordination framework’s head, announced on Thursday that a political movement is underway within the next 48 hours to determine the date of the vote session on Al-Halbousi’s successor.
According to Al-Atbi, in an interview with Al- “A series of important meetings will be held this evening and tomorrow as part of a 48-hour movement in the capital between multiple political forces in order to agree on the date of the voting session to choose a candidate for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives after the termination of Muhammad Al-Halbousi’s membership.” .

He went on to say, “Most Sunni forces support moving forward with setting Sunday as the date for the voting session, and there are other forces that have not decided their options yet, but in any case the meetings and meetings that will take place will resolve the options presented.”
He went on to say that “so far, the Sunni forces are sticking to the candidate names they have put forward, meaning that going for a consensus candidate is currently excluded, which means putting the names forward in the voting session if it is agreed upon to hold it.”
The Sunni forces named five candidates for Speaker of the House of Representatives, the most notable of them is Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani.


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